Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fountains 2010

Saturday the 4th
We had to go to the Fountains before we left for Lake Powell- it is a tradition for my Mom and she gets into it even more than they do!

Uncle TJ joining in the fun!

Lance is soaked!

Too much fun!

Aunt Heidi and baby Jack- he wasn't too sure about it.

Trey on the other hand LOVED it!

Cessna getting splashed in the face!

Cessna and Lance getting warm in the towel.

The group ;)

Heather, Lance and Cessna's rendition of Abby road.

Thanks again Mom for the good times, food and Fun- oh and the water- we can't forget the WATER!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Balloons

We did a post about camping with Grandpa- well when it comes to WATER it's all about Grandma!

She came to play on Sunday.

Lots of swimming,

Water balloons,

and of course- unruly behavior.

Yep- we LOVE Grandma!

Friday, June 4, 2010

We love Grandpa

Grandpa + Lance + Cessna = nothing greater

Then add Camping + Fire + Marshmallows = Awesome!

WE love to spend time with Grandpa.

It does not matter what we are doing,
but enjoying a fire with Marshmallows is especially Fun!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nativity 09

It was time for the annual Nativity re-enactment at the Orton home. Dad (Tracy) reads Luke 2 from the Bible and each child/grandchild plays a part.
Every one has had a turn being Mary and Joseph multiple times. This year Heidi was Mary pre- birth and Dixie was Mary post birth. TJ was Joseph and new baby Trey was the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

Cassandra (Dixie's niece) was an angel. With Cessna by her side.

Daytona was a Snow White angel- super cute!

Here Lance is giving gifts top the Baby Jesus.

Daytona wants to see the baby.

Kenny (Dixie's nephew) was the donkey.

I especially like the nose picking Sheppard- CLASSIC!

We all sang Angels we have heard on high and enjoyed each others company while remembering our Saviours birth.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Beauty and the Beast- and Michael Jackson?


Up close.... ever scarier- so cute!

Help me Michael is trying to Beat it!

The Beast trying to be scary.....

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mom's Birthday = Water Fun

Yesterday was Mom's birthday and you know it isn't a birthday for Mom if it does not involve WATER! She wanted to go to the Gateway to play in the fountain with the Grand kids. We played, got wet- had a Hot Dog on a Stick and enjoyed celebrating with you Birthday Girl!

We all love you Mom- hope your birthday was all you wanted it to be....enjoy this year because next year is uh oh....50!

Getting into the fountains-
when we got there Mom had already beat us to them.

Cessna and Lancy!

A rare event- even aunt Lorie got in on the WET fun!


Laying on the concrete to dry.

Grandma and Daytona

Grandma and two of her grand daughters.

Trying to catch the water...

Ring around the water!

Water enema anyone?

Here is a short video of the soaking process: